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Upper Cervical Correction is new to Australia but well respected in many countries of the world. Kevin has been using this correction method for many years, alongside traditional chiropractic techniques and treatments.

Explained simply; when the Atlas bone at the top of the spine is out of alignment the rest of the spine compensates to allow for this imbalance.

The Atlas ensures your head sits level with the ground and the horizon, so if it is not perfectly balanced the spine compensates by distorting out of alignment to maintain some form of balance. You may not realise this is happening until something more serious occurs. Pain is one of the last signs that the Atlas and the Axis, which is the next vertebrae down your spine, need attention.

As the Atlas is also the most movable joint of your spine, problems are common.

Treatment is non-invasive and correction of the problem will sometimes only take a few sessions depending on how long you have had the problem.

Once the Atlas is back into its correct position, problems such as pain in your shoulders, middle back, pelvis and even ankles will show significant signs of improvement.

The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association reports that clinical studies show improved body balance effectively reduces stress throughout the body and helps to relieve associated pain. To find out more about upper cervical correction visit www.upcspine.com